Note to readers: Liturgical entries on this blog are based on the traditional calendar of the Books of Common Prayer and the traditional one-year Eucharistic lectionary. If you follow a newer calendar or three-year lectionary, there are variations in names for some Sundays and in the readings.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Epiphany- A Time for Reflection on the Light

Of course, Epiphany is one of the oldest observances of the Christian calendar. It is certainly older than Christmas which receives so much attention in both religious and secular circles. Now Christmastide has ended. Only a few of us still have any Christmas decorations out, and most of those will be put away today or this weekend. Yet, as in the early centuries of the Church, this is still a good time to reflect upon the varied manifestations of the light of Christ: His Nativity, the manifestation of the Saviour to the Gentile Magi, His trip to Jerusalem at age 12, and the beginning of Christ's public ministry at His Baptism. In all these events, the glory and light of the eternal Word made flesh shines in sin-darkened world. May His light shine in our lives in this new season.